About us

Jammu Voice, a venture of Indocom Media Private Limited is the leading News and
Information Portal of Jammu and Kashmir and an online destination for news for Lakhs of people when it comes to local news and issues of Jammu Region.It is a smooth blend of Video, Audio and text for Local News and information for the best and easiest experience.
The Jammu Voice is hard news made easy.A compelling combo of quality content,tech and distribution, we’re developing high-level digital journalism, storytelling and advertising at scale.
A leading news portal site with traffic of over 3, 00,000 page views a month ,We are also having a strong presence on social media.We are followed by 1,00000 + People on Facebook and 30,000+ on Instagram . We are now focussing on building strong presence on twitter also,We serve more than 10,000 people via Whatsapp broadcast.