By Divya Sharma

It was a bright ‘Sunday’ morning. I slept, the night, before,
procrastinating, the number of ‘hours’, I intended to sleep more.
May be! I forgot dodging my ‘fictitious’ alarm, that I woke up, even
before my ‘usual’ timings, albeit, with a jerk.

I reached out for the glass of water, kept beside my bed stand, and
gulped it in a go. Alas! I felt something strange, like an ‘unusual’ pit
inside my stomach. Feeling flustered, I tried peeking out of the
window, to catch the glimpse of the outside world. Well! May be to
identify, if so ever, anything ‘odd’ or ‘different’, that happened
overnight. But it was all ‘normal’, at least it looked so.

My head, though, wasn’t paining, but felt, devoid of any space. But
what was it filled with, I didn’t knew, at once. I kept staring at
‘something’ that was ‘nothing’, which sort of, shook my inside’s. Was
it actually ‘me’, I was looking at?

It felt like, something inside my head, was made up of ‘pieces’, and
all the ‘pieces’ today, were mishmashed, and were squandering here
and there, like a ‘puzzle’. Taking in, bouts of ‘stress’ was something, I
was accustomed to, but, it wasn’t that today. May be, I mistook it, all
this while!

‘Anxiety’ is not just ‘uneasiness’. It’s exploding your brain and

everything ‘sane’, with things that could be ‘existent’ or ‘non-
existent’. It’s a constant thought process that keeps banging your

head, all the time, not letting it to rest. When you would be wanting
to ‘breathe’, but can only ‘think’. It’s a ‘moment’, where you
‘anticipate’, a lot, but what! Even you do not know.

One does not wakes up, one fine day, and realize, that they are
suffering from ‘anxiety’. It happens over a period of time, in bits and
pieces, in self- comprehending and taking a keen look at your heart.

Today! I feel lucky that I have ‘discovered’ myself, though with
‘anxiety’. I admitted it, but many still, do not, considering it to be a
‘taboo’. But believe me, only if one admits it, others can rush for
your help. If you would not ask for help, how others are supposed to
realize, the deep sea, you are drowning in, wanting to breathe, but
unable to swim.

Now! Whenever I meet somebody, I always try perceiving them, with
different angles. Whether they would be in some sort of stress? If
yes! What would be it’s scale! Is it ‘anxiety’ and Whether I can be of
any sort of help!

I haven’t recovered myself, yet! But I would one day, for sure. My
hope, lives and grows each day. I seek for ‘help’ and believe in

helping others, and in this way only, a ‘life’ would be lived and many
other life’s would be ‘recovered’.
Always remember! What you are seeking, is seeking you as well!!!!!


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