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Maharajas ruled Kashmir better than current government: BJP’s Lal Singh Read more at: //



SRINAGAR: Former minister and senior BJP legislator Lal Singh claimed that Maharaja’s ruled Kashmir better than the current elected government and politicians have turned Valley into hell and are now trying to divide and create tension in Jammu as well.

The BJP leader from Jammu said that J&K chief minister Mehboba Mufti, exploited holy month of Ramazan and pushed for ceasefire thinking she will please Pakistan and militants but they didn’t respond positively.

Singh, who was asked to resign from cabinet last month over his controversial participation in Hindu Ekta Manch rally organized in support of accused in rape and murder of 8-year-old Bakerwal girl in Jammu, reiterated the demand for CBI inquiry in the case. He accused Mufti of disrespecting the electorate of Jammu saying Dogras have been defamed by labeling them as ‘rapists and pro-rapists.’ Singh has remained a state cabinet minister thrice and parliament member twice till now.

“Politicians have ruined Kashmir. Has Pakistan accepted or responded positively this ceasefire offer? Mehbooba thought she would play to galleries. Government of India was kind enough to keep her word. But what has Pakistan done. People on border areas continue to suffer. She should realize and stop playing to galleries,” Singh said.

After his resignation, Singh is carrying out rallies in Jammu, demanding CBI enquiry in the case and believes that the victim will get justice and her soul will rest in peace only after CBI enquiry. He also suggested that controversial Hindu Ekta Manch to be renamed as Dogra Ekta Manch to address fears of those who label it as communal platform. Singh’s rallies are well attended and are backed by various political, religious and business organizations of Jammu.

“They (politicians) cannot handle Kashmir and now they are trying to ruin Jammu. They broke Kashmir into pieces. Today, these politicians have sowed the seeds of hatred in every heart. Tell me one politician in Kashmir who can dare to organize a rally like we do in Jammu? These leaders go to Kashmir like thieves and can’t even visit their constituencies,” said Singh.

“You see when there was Dogra rule before 1947, things we better. The condition is worst today. They are fomenting trouble just for the sake of chair? They are emotionally blackmailing people,” Singh alleged.

The BJP leader said that Hindus, Muslims and people from every other religion is demanding CBI probe, then why is this government shying away from this.

“If this is not the government of ballot and bullets, why aren’t they listening to people? They are trying to foment trouble here and the day Jammu goes astray nobody can come here, like nobody is able to go to Kashmir.”

The sacrifice of 8-year-old girl, Singh said has united Jammu and brotherhood there has strengthened. “Jammu was never communal and we will never allow it to go that way. In Kashmir seeds of division are being sown. Recently, they played some Kashmir national anthem at SKICC, where even government official stood up for that. What non-sense is this? I believe in unity, peace and prosperity of the state and the whole country,” said Singh.


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Why BJP pulled the plug in Jammu and Kashmir



1. Both PDP and BJP were looking for an exit to shore up credentials among respective constituencies. BJP moved pre-emptively to seize political high ground.
2. Gulf between the partners had widened. Disagreements rose over security strategy after Burhan Wani’s killing. PDP wanted a softer approach towards stone-pelters + and militants, mindful of massive resentment in Valley.

PDP loses partner, and its support base
3. Mehbooba Mufti’s moves mollifying her supporters in the Valley by raising the ante on Kathua gang rape and Army/security forces’ operations further annoyed BJP’s constituency.
4. BJP went along with PDP’s demand for a ceasefire during Ramzan + . This was not reciprocated by Pakistan-backed terror groups or separatists, and dented BJP’s image nationally.

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Governor’s rule imposed in J&K



Jammu and Kashmir was today placed under Governor’s rule for the fourth time in the last one decade after the BJP withdrew support to its alliance partner PDP, prompting Mehbooba Mufti to resign as the chief minister.

A Home Ministry spokesman said “the President has approved imposition of Governor’s rule in Jammu and Kashmir with immediate effect.”

The political developments of Jammu and Kashmir continued to dominate the night as President Ram Nath Kovind was in mid air when governor N N Vohra sent his report to the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

The details of the Governor’s report were immediately sent to Suriname where the president was scheduled to land at 6.30 PM (3 AM IST) on his maiden visit.

“After concluding his consultations with all the major political parties, the Governor has forwarded his report to the President for imposition of Governor’s rule under Section 92 of the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir,” a Raj Bhavan spokesperson said last night in Srinagar.

The president after pursuing the report gave his assent and the same was sent to the Union Home Ministry by 6 AM IST following which a process of promulgating Governor’s rule was prepared and sent to Srinagar.

This is the eighth time

in last four decades that the state has been put under Governor’s rule and fourth during the tenure of Vohra since 2008.

The BJP stunned Mehbooba Mufti last afternoon after they pulled out of the over three-year-old ruling coalition with the PDP in the state and called for Governor’s rule.

BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav made this announcement that the party was withdrawing support to the coalition government which had been wracked by bitter political feuds and worsening security challenges.

“It has become untenable for the BJP to continue in the alliance government in Jammu and Kashmir,” Madhav had said yesterday.

Governor’s rule was imposed in the state for the first time during the tenure of Vohra for 174 days after the PDP withdrew support to Ghulam Nabi Azad-led Congress-PDP coalition government in 2008.

The PDP withdrew support to the government on June 28, 2008 following widespread protests during the Amarnath land row agitation that pitted Hindu-dominated Jammu region against the Muslim-majority Kashmir valley.

The central rule came to an end on January 5, 2009 after National Conference leader Omar Abdullah was sworn in as the youngest chief minister of the state.

Governor’s rule was imposed in the state for the second time during his tenure after the assembly election results on December 23, 2014 threw up a hung assembly with no party or combination of parties able to stake claim for government formation and Omar Abdullah, the caretaker chief minister, asking to be relieved from the duties with immediate effect on January 7.

The central rule ended after the PDP and the BJP stitched an alliance paving the way for the return of Mufti Sayeed as chief minister on March 1, 2015.

Last time the state was put under the central rule on January 8, 2016 after allies– the PDP and the BJP– deferred the government formation process following the death of Mufti Sayeed. It came to an end after Mehbooba Mufti was sworn in as the chief minister on April 4, 2016.

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Centre may appoint new J&K governor after Amarnath yatra



Jammu : Former deputy chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir Kavinder Gupta on Wednesday said the Centre may appoint a new Governor in the state after the Amarnath yatra.
Speaking to ANI, Gupta said, “It’s a routine matter (appointing new Governor). The Central Government will see to it. The decision on this might be taken after Amarnath Yatra.”
The yatra, which starts on June 28, will continue for two months.
Currently, N N Vohra, who was appointed as a governor in the state in June 2008 and was given a fresh term in 2013, is among the few governors appointed by the UPA government to have continued in his position in the BJP-led NDA dispensation.
Gupta further stated that no new government will be formed anytime soon in Jammu and Kashmir.
The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is working on something in connection with the ongoing issue in Jammu and Kashmir, the former deputy chief minister added.
“I don’t think a new government will be formed anytime soon. Uncertainties are there, but we are working on something and people will get to know about it,” he said.
Earlier in the day, President Ram Nath Kovind approved the imposition of Governor’s rule in Jammu and Kashmir, with an immediate effect.
Yesterday, Governor Narinder Nath Vohra forwarded his report to the President of India for the imposition of Governor’s Rule under Section 92 of the Constitution.
This came after Mehbooba Mufti resigned as Jammu and Kashmir’s Chief Minister following the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) exit from its alliance with the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the state.
Mufti said that the basic motive of the alliance was “reconciliation, dialogue with the people of Kashmir, promoting confidence-building measures and good relationships with Pakistan.”
The BJP’s decision apparently came after its chief Amit Shah held a meeting with the party’s Jammu and Kashmir cabinet ministers.
Citing examples of the growing acts of “terrorism, violence and radicalisation” in the state over the past few years, BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav, while addressing a press conference in the national capital, said that the party was left with no other option, but to discontinue its alliance with the PDP.
The BJP and PDP formed a coalition government in 2015 after the state elections threw up a hung assembly. However, both of them were ideologically divided on a variety of issues.
The BJP had 25 seats in the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly, while the PDP had 28.
This will be the fourth time in the last 10 years that a Governor’s rule is imposed in Jammu and Kashmir. (ANI)

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